innov8xions was founded as a brand of Cheth Limited, with a primary focus on to pioneering and developing the 3D engineering market in Sub-Saharan Africa by :

+ Providing 3D modelling/Desktop Engineering trainings and education

+ Providing Rapid Prototyping Services for the various potential user across engineering, fashion, architecture, medical and education sectors.
+ Sales and Support of 3D equipments
+ Sales and distribution of 3D consumables including filaments, parts and assemblies
+ Providing inventions, IP and Patent support, acquisition, management and distribution services to innovator.


The Idea Hub

(Think it) <br> IDEA

(Think it)

All it takes is a great idea (and some hard work, of course) to make that dream become a reality. If you can think it, you definitely can make it through our digital manufacturing systems.

(Design it) <br> MODEL

(Design it)

Most 3d models never see the dawn of light once the artist is through with the digital modeling Not anymore, make your digital models anytime with innov8xions digital printing machines

(Print it) <br> MAKE

(Print it)

From the idea down to the modelling, don't keep your design/model waiting, bring it to life with innov8xions digital printing printers fast.