Break barriers. Awe your customers. Create unique, one of a kind, custom fashion accessories, jewelry and

3D technologies open up unlimited possibilities for fashion enthusiasts and designers for bringing to life formerly impossible imaginations. In addition to offering designs and manufacturing services for the fashion accessories and jewelry industry, We provide systems and training in basic 3D modeling for custom creations of wide varieties of fashion items, with a choice of over 30 digital fabrication materials including polymer alloys of bronze, iron, brass, wood, bamboo, steel, carbon fibre, glow in the dark, magnetic and other materials in a wide range of amazing colors.

So, be it bracelets, pendants, jewelry molds, customized tags, special button, wearables or even shoes, fashion designers and jewelers now have local access to high-end technologies to create custom items that fit the unique characteristics and needs of their customers at a significantly high turnaround time, customizations that would not be practical with traditional manufacturing practices that require large runs of the same item to recoup the setup costs.

Come take your concept to design and your design to reality.