Need special medical structures: Prosthesis, Splints, Reconstruction inplants built to specification, Precision and standards?.

Let’s work with you to open a new world of joy and hope to your patients. We have focused research efforts on seeing how to bring technology to help in the Africa’s under equipped health care delivery system. We are ready to provide design and fabrication services of special medical structures:
prosthesis, splints, models for practice surgeries, reconstruction implants built to specification, precision and standards through our in-house and network partnerships around the world?

We were part of the WORLD’S LARGEST 3D PRINTER FARM & FLASH PRINT EVENT – ROBOHAND PRINT-A-THON DEC. 12-13, 2014, Printing prosthetic hands, fingers, and limbs.

Trends and our Plans for Healthcare and Medical Research Support One of the most widely useful applications is one of the simplest: Using patients’ CT scans to 3D print precise models of organs so that doctors can plan and prepare for surgical procedures. Call us for your needs, we love challenges. Using 3D printing to help plan procedures and to explain diagnoses to patients is becoming the new normal. We have invested and brought this to Africa. What you can now do through 3D printing is like
what the world is able to do in the software world: Rapid iteration, fail fast, get something to market quickly. You can print prototypes to test products, and now you can print out model organs on which to carry out trial surgeries.

You can potentially obviate the need for some animal studies, and you can do this proof of concept before extensive patient trials are conducted. We are open to discussing your special needs, providing the guidance, deploying the technology, training, delivering materials and technical support.