Top 7 3D Software For Beginners

By: Onimisi-Momoh

For newbies willing to start 3D printing, picking the best software can be difficult and discouraging especially when creating your first STL file.  In overcoming this challenge, we have created the top 10 3D software for beginners.

These softwares are not only user friendly, but they will help you design the 3D model of your choice, which you can then print for your first 3D printing experience.  However, the listed softwares exclude the repair and slice functionality which are needed before you print your design.

1. TinkerCAD

TinkerCad is a free online 3D modeling software from Autodesk, it is geared towards complete beginners. The software encourages the block-building concept which helps in developing models from basic shapes

The software also has a library containing millions of files from which users can use in finding shapes which can be manipulated. While the software is user friendly, it has limitations for some complex designs.  For more information on this software, visit

2. 3D Slash

3DSlash is another option 3D modelling software to consider. It was created in 2013 by Silvain Huet, who was inspired by his son playing the video game Minecraft.

Just like Minecraft, 3Dslash uses the power of little blocks in the creation of 3D models. The software includes functionality that helps you transform parts from reality to 3D.  For more information about this software, visit

3. Leopoly

Leopoly is another cloud-based modelling software developed by Leopoly, a Hungarian based firm. While Leopoly is simple and user friendly for beginners, it also has a library of customizable items including color and text.  It also gives access to gallery of files created by other users.

For more information about this software, visit

4. Sculptris

Sculptris is another 3D modelling software belonging to Pixologic, the parent company of Zbrush.

Sculptris allows you to create 3D models from shaping a mesh with different brush strokes.

 This software starts as a sphere, then the user can then model as they wish by stretching, digging, smoothing, etc. While the software is one to consider especially for beginners, it is no longer in development and may not be compartible with your operating system.

For more information about this software, visit

5. Vectary

Vectary is another online based 3D modelling which allows you to create, share and customize 3D designs. Vectary software is a combination of standard mesh modeling, subdivision modeling and parametric plugins.

Designs or modelled objects are saved in the cloud which makes it accessible anywhere through any browser. For more information about this software, visit

6. Meshmixer

Meshmixer software like TinkerCad is a part of the Autodesk software family. The Meshmixer however is not a typical CAD software, as it does not allow you to create your product from the beginning. Instead, this software will assist you with the animation, modeling, zippering, hole filling, hollowing among other functionalities.

For more information about this website, visit

7. Morphi

Morphi is a 3D software application developed by Morphi a New York based firm. The app allows you to create design in simple forms and also contains access to a library with large number of decorative and functional models. 

While Morphi is free to use, it requires payment for specific 3D models and application tools. It also has a paid version for schools, the Morphi Edu. 

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